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Advanced data backup & disaster recovery services that are offered by enterprise level web hosting services usually come with a hefty price tag. We understand the importance of our clients' data and we are offering this sophisticated backup & recovery service absolutely FREE to our Linux Web Hosting clients.

The KKHost.Net Backup Process
1. Individual Account Backup
- Web+Email+Databases will be backup to our secondary drive everyday at 12.00AM (GMT+8)

2. Server Cloning
- Our WHOLE server will be cloned at 3.00AM (GMT+8) and stored into our network provider's backup drive.

3. NAS Backup
- Performed on every Sunday at 6.00AM (GMT+8). Kindly visit this link for more information

The Restoration Process
1. Individual Account Restoring
- Our clients can submit a support ticket at any time to restore his account for FREE. This account will be restored to the latest backup file generated everyday at 12.00AM (GMT+8)

2. Full Server Restoring
- In the unlikely event that our Linux servers fail to operate, we expect to fully recover from the disaster within 1 hour by restoring the full server backup file from the cloned server

3. NAS Restoration
- If the individual account backup does not contain the file that our client wants, we can restore the file from our NAS server, which contains weekly retention backup files.

This service is provided ABSOLUTELY FREE to all our Linux Shared Hosting customers

Please note, that it is still your responsibility to keep backups, as we don't guarantee the integrity of backups, as it's more of an insurance policy.