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Our Technology
Besides monitoring our servers with Alertra, we have our own monitoring script hosted on our Offsite server. The script will monitor our service ports and inform our admins through email & SMS when certain service ports go down or even the server load is too high.

In the unlikely event that the server load is too high, our custom-made script on our hosting servers will first restart the web services and inform our admins. If that doesn't fix the problem, FTP & mailserver will be halted to preserve resources for HTTPd and mySQLd, to ensure that your web site will be running without problem and our admins will be informed once again to rectify the problem.


What is Alertra?
Established April, 2000, Alertra has become a leading provider of Internet server monitoring and alerting services. Alertra monitors the availability, performance and security of Internet-connected devices and provide timely alert notifications and access to detailed reporting. Alertra generates accurate, reliable and unbiased uptime reports for Internet server. For more information about Alertra, please visit their web site here.


100% Uptime, how true is it?
Unlike other providers, we do not guarantee 100% uptime for nothing. We prove our uptime with the uptime reports generated by Alertra, which is located here. At this moment SLA Uptime Guarantee is only available for Reseller Hosting, but we might consider to have a SLA Uptime Guarantee for our Shared Hosting services in future.

However, the uptime reports will not reflect 100% uptime throughout the year simply because our servers need patching and upgrading. A server restart will have around 5 minutes of downtime, which then leaves 99.x% uptime for that particular month. Anyways, server maintenance will be done during off peak hours.


Our Efforts
We concentrate on providing the best uptime possible for our services. Any resource intensive web sites will be shifted to another server with less users. We do not put all our clients on the same network. Currently, we are putting our clients on the Mzima Network and NAC so that network maintenance will not affect all our customers.